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Restaurant Mkt: For Downtown Seafood Lovers

I was invited for dinner at Restaurant Mkt by my fellow food blogger friend, Eva. We were the first ones there and were brought to our seats by manager Parry. … Continue reading

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Maison Publique- Your Neighborhood Munch Spot

Tucked away in a residential street at the far east border of The Plateau, lies Maison Publique- a British gastropub specializing in Canadian food. For those who’re unfamiliar, chef Derek … Continue reading

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Santa Barbara: ‘Em Beach Vibes

This past weekend, I hit up Santa Barbara-one of the trending brunch spots in Montreal now. Having lived in Montreal for 5 years, I’m starting to explore this Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie … Continue reading

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Le Vieux Velo: All About Them Eggs Benedicts

Ever since I started working 2 months ago, I always look forward to the weekends. Cause, weekend = BRUNCH. Well, I mean when I was studying, I did look forward … Continue reading

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Petite Maison Mtl: Homey Brunch

By Sotong Making a come back after being dormant for a couple of months with this blog post about my recent brunch with Eva yesterday. My co-blogger buddy, Skinny, has decided … Continue reading

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Dawa: Fried Chicken à La Coréen

By Sotong If you’re a Korean drama fan, I’m sure you’re familiar with scenes where your favorite leads dig into platters of Korean Fried Chicken (KFC), covered with sauce or not. … Continue reading

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4 Picks to Satisfy A Sweet Tooth (single-friendly)

By Nikki There’s no shortage of dessert go-tos in Montreal. We forwent everyone’s default favorite, Juliette et Chocolat, for more low-key, grab-and-go or sit-and-idle options that don’t also make you feel … Continue reading

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Sumac & Rustique: Must-visits in St Henri

By Sotong I met up with Victor from MTL Food Pics for a Middle Eastern brunch at Sumac. The interior is spacious and furnished with a modern aesthetic. Those who prefer … Continue reading

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T&T Tacos et Tortas

By Nikki This Mexican restaurant serves up a menu of six choices of tacos and five tortas, along with a sizeable selection of drinks. Located on an inconspicuous corner of Rachel … Continue reading

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Montreal Poutine Week 2015: Frite Alors

By Nikki Frite Alors’ Taco Poutine is hands down the best we’ve had as Montreal Poutine Week 2015 draws to a close. We just knew the minute we dug in that … Continue reading

February 6, 2015 · 2 Comments

Montreal Poutine Week 2015: Dirty Dogs

by Nikki Apparently a popular favourite of Montreal Poutine Week 2015, Dirty Dogs’ Le Boss poutine (top picture) draws crowds (expect a line-up) for its uniquely positioned duck-based sauce, Dr. Pepper house … Continue reading

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Montreal Poutine Week 2015: Burger Royal

By Nikki Burger Royal’s entry for Montreal Poutine Week 2015 is the Braised Oxtail Poutine – a serving of thin fries and squeaky cheese curds drizzled in braised oxtail (I almost want to … Continue reading

February 4, 2015 · 1 Comment

Montreal Poutine Week 2015: Uniburger

By Nikki Voted Best Judged Burger of Burger Week 2013 and considered by many to house Montreal’s finest burger, Uniburger ranked high on my expectations of contenders in Montreal Poutine Week 2015. The … Continue reading

February 3, 2015 · 2 Comments

La Petite Mangue- A Taste of Cambodia

By Sotong 3 months since I was last back in Malaysia and boy, do I miss the food back home. So, when I was invited for dinner at La Petite … Continue reading

November 17, 2014 · Leave a comment

Hof Kelsten: Coffee + Sandwich

By Sotong It has been ages since our last blog post. The reason being that I was back in food paradise – my home sweet home, Malaysia, for part of the … Continue reading

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Arts Café: Getting Artsy for Brunch

By Sotong If I had any pick for long-term housing, Mile-End would definitely be in the top three on my list. Reason? Choice of 2 parks – Parc La Fontaine (with Théâtre … Continue reading

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Dinette Triple Crown: Picnic in the Sun

By Sotong Back in Malaysia, coming across people who love picnicking is rather rare due to the hot and humid weather. Here, picnicking is a weekly ritual. Fun and food … Continue reading

June 30, 2014 · Leave a comment

Café Replika

By Sotong After my latté at Humble Lion, I began to delve into the world of coffee…With the emergence of indie coffee shops around the city,getting my daily caffeine fix with good … Continue reading

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Nouveau Palais: Malaysian in the House

By Sotong Although this will only be temporary**, I still feel a strong urge to spread the good news. How often do you come across Malaysian food here in Montréal? Well, … Continue reading

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SAINT Sushi Bar – Sushi with a South East Asian Twist

By Sotong & Nikki (for the creative bits of each maki roll) In dire need to re-charge myself during study breaks, I often go Urbanspoon-ing for my next food stop. And … Continue reading

April 23, 2014 · Leave a comment