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Brit and Chips

By Skinny

After Comptoir 21, this was a tall order to fill. White tiles and green walls give off an old-school chilled out British diner vibe; Brit and Chips is a relatively affordable and down-to-earth dining option in posh-smosh Old Montreal.

We had a side intriguingly called “tandoori popcorn shrimp“, which didn’t taste as make-or-break as it sounds; it was probably the best thing on our table. The shrimps were fresh and crispy.


There is also Ben Shaw’s soda drink imported from the UK, adding an extra touch of authentic feel to the whole British eatery set-up.


We ordered a half portion of each type of fish: cod, haddock, hake, salmon, which came in rather greasy burgundy lion batter, maple syrup batter, gluten-free orange crush batter, and guinness batter respectively. They lacked a fundamental wow factor which Comptoir 21 had right down to a T. The non-stimulating experience left us a bit numbed, a bit lost for taste. The texture of the haddock at Comptoir 21 wins hands down, while the batter at Brit and Chips was more on side of being thick and dense, unlike the Holy Grail of lightness and crispness lusted after by fish and chips enthusiasts. The serving includes thick fries made of a kind of sweet-tasting potato.





An interesting item on their menu is the Deep Fried Whatever and Deep Fried Whatever with Ice Cream, which is a choice of random food like Mars Bar or Reese’s fried to a strange newness. A dream combination of everything unhealthy? I’m in.

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $10-15

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

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