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Joons Korean Cuisine: Dak Galbi during summer? Oh yeah.

By Sotong

One of the reasons I came to Toronto is good and cheap Korean food. It’s really difficult to get authentic Korean food back in Montréal. I decided on Joons, a semi-basement resto as it is well known for it’s Dak Galbi and I’ve never had Dak Galbi before, despite being to Korea a few years ago and being an avid K-Drama fan.

Just like any typical Korean restaurant, we were served banchan (Kimchi, beansprouts, pickled cucumber, and potatoes) at the beginning of the meal.

Banchan (Side Dishes)

For the Dak Galbi, you have to order at least 2 servings. Afraid that we might not be able to finish, my brother and I decided not to try other dishes on the menu. The basic DakGalbi consists of marinated chicken slices, gochujang sauce, onions and lettuce. You can choose your preferred level of spiciness and also additional toppings, such as ramyun, ricecake, cheese, vegetables etc. We chose original spiciness and added ramyun, veggie (mushrooms, carrots, more lettuce), and cheese. The fun part about having Dak Galbi is seeing the waiter cook it right in front of you.


Dak Galbi (Before)

After adding ramyun, cheese and more vege :


After mixing:


Okay. Let’s move on to how it tastes. Well-marinated and tender chicken slices. Goes well with cheese and ramyun. Spiciness level was just right for us. The perfect dish to have during the cold winter season with friends but having it during summer on a rainy day is not a bad idea too, if you don’t mind sweating a bit.

Food: 3.7/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Price: $10-20
Joons Korean Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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