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La Bamboche: Macarons that Go Easy on the Sweet

By Sotong

After a 40-minute bus-and-metro ride from Downtown Toronto, I arrived at this spacious and cute place. I had a tough time deciding on which of the 8 flavors to try, so I decided to get one of each. ($2.35 for one; Tax-free if you get 6 and more) I find it weird that they packed the macarons in a cardboard box instead of the usual see-through rectangular gift boxes. As I don’t have macarons on a regular basis, I googled: things to look for when eating macarons before reviewing. Here, I focus on taste rather than technical skills required to make the perfect macaron.



Espresso. As I bit into the 5cm-diameter-wide disc, the taste of buttercream and espresso immediately filled my mouth. It felt as though I was actually drinking a cup of espresso instead of eating an espresso-flavored macaron.


Cassis (aka Blackcurrant). Sweet exterior with slightly sour blackcurrant and chocolate ganache interior.


Chocolate. Slightly bitter 72% dark chocolate and 55% Yucatan chocolate interior combines well with the slightly crispy sweet exterior.


Lavender. Lavender fragrance filled my mouth as I munched the chocolate ganache filling.


Caramel Seasalt. My favorite! Creamy caramel and toffee filling with a slight tinge of saltiness.


Pistachio. Taste of pistachio lingers in your mouth even after a few minutes.


Green Tea Sesame.  Creamy matcha filling with actual sesame seeds.


Strawberry Champagne. My least favorite (maybe due to the color. I don’t like stuff with too much coloring). Slight tinge of champagne and slight saltiness in strawberry buttercream gives it a light and refreshing taste. No artificial flavor in the strawberry filling – plus point.


I often hear people disliking macarons cause they’re too sweet for their liking. La Bamboche has managed to defy this. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I don’t find their macarons to be overly sweet. Out of the 8 flavors, my favorites are Espresso, Pistachio, Caramel Seasalt and Green Tea Sesame. I previously mentioned that I don’t eat macarons regularly. I think I’d need to change that statement after this. Teehee.

Food: 4/5

Ambiance: n/a (take away)

Service: 3/5

Price: below $10
La Bamboche on Urbanspoon


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